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mold RestCon Environmental (a division of Restoration Consultants, Inc.) is uniquely qualified to assess all aspects of the indoor environment. Microbial problems generally result from mold and bacteria. Our services include sampling and laboratory analysis for microbes that may have become an indoor environmental problem. Our consultants have years of experience in performing building inspections that lead to a sampling strategy where needed.

Each sampling strategy is unique and should be designed to answer specific questions. Unfortunately it is a buyer-beware market when it comes to "mold inspectors." Some will tell you that they can take one outdoor and one indoor sample and tell you if you have a problem. While this approach is inexpensive it is also extremely inaccurate. Experienced and well trained professionals will tell you that they need to perform an inspection of the property first; gather some information; develop a hypothesis; and then determine what kind of samples need to be taken. It is very much like going to the doctor. He or she will ask you questions about your concerns; perhaps take your temperature, blood pressure, pulse; then look at your eyes, ears or throat; listen to your heart beat or your lungs; develop a hypothesis of what might be the problem; and finally decide which tests (e.g., blood, urine, radiological) that need to be taken.

You can be confident that RestCon Environmental will provide you with the appropriate response to your IEQ concerns.

For mold remediation projects, we can provide Remediation Technician Training, Remediation Project Management Training and the following onsite services:

  • Identify the extent and severity of microbial contamination
  • Supervise and/or monitor decontamination procedures
  • Perform clearance testing to confirm that remediation was successfully completed. These include use of the Anderson N-6, spore trap, Rodac, and wipe and bulk.

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